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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
Joeri Goedertier
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies washington
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies washington
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies washington
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale

rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale

When my son Eliseo 3 years old vió to Lex said, this I like it.   
Lex is the second dog that I buy to Joeri and it is really very good.   
It doesn't care if when it grows it is not so good, Joeri selects the best thing for us.   
And I believe that this sensation has it all those that  goes to Redwood  Krest  
Thank you Joeri and Christina to put within reach of all us, dogs of excellent quality.   
And thank you for their cordial treatment and honesty.   
I wish them the best thing for this 2007, you deserve it.   
                                                                                                                 Andrés Díaz   
                                                                                                                 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


Joeri and Christina,

We want to thank you for all the help you have provided since acquiring Tally. She has an excellent temperament and gets along well with our other pets. Tally has a high drive,  happy, and confident personality that keeps us laughing at her all the time. She has excellent conformation with a beautiful headpiece. 

When researching different breeders we found Redwood Krest’s impressive accomplishments with not only showing their dogs but also breeding dogs that love to work! Thanks again for being patient and spending the time to honestly answer all our questions.


Cindy and Rene



Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

I would like to express my gratitude to Joeri Goedertier from Redwood Krest Rottweilers for his work with my dog, Ergos.  I sent him Ergos as a young, tremendously powerful, stubborn, unruly male.  He cared for, conditioned and trained him in such a way that today he is a pleasure to be around.  Joeri’s training methods are first rate and his love for dogs is obvious to anyone who meets him.  His impact on my dog has been substantial, and the positive training method he employs has left me with a happy, well trained companion.  What’s more; I have the dog I have always wanted:  a Schutzhund titled rottweiler with a successful show record.  I owe all of this to Joeri and his wife Christina, and I will be forever grateful.

 Jodi Bentley



Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

It is a pleasure doing business with

 reputable breeders such as yourselves.

Fantom is the best dog anyone could ever hope for. We thought our bullmastiff was a great dog (and she is) but Fantom is so much more calm, confident, self-assured and smart! He loves to learn new things and does so extremely quickly. We are enjoying him so much that it has inspired Kara to start her own dog walking/pet sitting business (One Fur All) now that our kids are both back in school full time.

Doug & Kara Paoletti




Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Surprise……….not a Rott!!! 

In 2001 I purchased a Malinois puppy, Ace van de Barbierhoeve (aka Lacey), from Joeri and Christina.  I could not be happier!  She was imported from Belgium and they were very prompt and helpful providing the paperwork necessary to register her with the AKC.  Lacey is a wonderful representative of the breed with an exceptional pedigree    I am very proud of her and her accomplishments.  She is AKC pointed with multiple best of breed wins in conformation.  She has numerous agility titles and excels in herding, obedience and tracking.  Her hips, elbows, eyes and heart are certified.  Beyond all that I she is one of my “best friends”.  I don’t know what I would do without her and I can not thank Joeri and Christina enough for giving me the opportunity of having her in my life!! 

Ps………………not only did I get a great dog but I have made GREAT lifelong friends!!!  Thanks again you guys for everything!!!

Dana n Spacey Racey Lacey         
Sep 1, 2006




Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Over the last year we have bought three excellent Rottweilers from Redwood Krest Kennels.
Their service has been outstanding and honest.
We recommend Redwood Krest to any one who wants a quality Rottweiler.

Palo Milliken
Ozmars Rottweilers


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


Dear Joeri and Christina,                                                  February 14, 2006     
 We started looking at bringing a puppy into our home about a year ago. My husband was looking for a breeder that had quality dogs that he could show, breed and be a companion for our family. I had never owned a dog and my husband was set on a Rottweiler. After reading the many books he brought home I was pretty sure the breed was a good choice for our family. 

He brought Zoe (Chloe) home by airplane at Christmas, she did great on the flight and had several people asking about her. From the day she arrived she has been amazing. She's been so easy to train, she has such a great temperament and not to mention she is absolutely beautiful. She's also really good with our boys and the dozen or so kids that live in our court. 

We have many friends who own dogs, (more than a few own Rottweilers) every single one of them have fell in love with our puppy because of her disposition, intelligence and personality. What we hear over and over is "she's perfect" ... and she is. 

We are getting a second puppy from you soon, we want to thank you for breeding, what we know will be the perfect male. We want to thank you, you are doing a wonderful job. Aside that, first and foremost, not only did we find the right breeder, but real people that I consider life long friends!!

Lori and Cleveland


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers






Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

My Fellow Rottweiler Fanciers,

Please accept my submission as sincere testimony to the outstanding services; my friends at
Redwood Krest Rottweilers & K-9 Training Center have to offer.  Joeri Goedertier and his wife & partner Christina Riley-Goedertier are as credible a resource as you will find on the Rottweiler breed anywhere.   

Professional is not a self-proclaimed title that a “breeder” can simply give them self, it is earned by quality results, consistent yield, and ethical conduct.  I have found true professionals at Redwood Krest Rottweilers, and because of my good fortune in doing business with the Goedertier’s, my life long dream to own a high quality European Rottweiler has been realized. 

Upon spending an afternoon chasing Joeri around at a regional ARV show last July (2005), I was convinced that after 10 years of research on the breed and a lot of conflicting information from “experts” along the way, that Joeri & Christina were the right source for me.  In his own charming way, Joeri made it abundantly clear that even though I had done an admirable job doing research that I still lacked the expertise and resources to select and import a “quality” Rottweiler.  Furthermore, he convinced me that a solid grasp and thorough understanding behind the science and art of breeding Rottweilers was not something the typical fancier or dog owner possessed.  Importing a dog from Europe was an entirely different matter all together, and after consulting Joeri, I knew I was at high risk of making a large financial and emotional mistake if I did not consider enlisting the services of Redwood Krest Rottweilers. 

In August of 2005, Samoa dell’ Antico Guerriero was purchased from Francesco Zamperini of the famous kennel, Dell’ Antico Guerriero in Italy.  The relationship Redwood Krest has with Mr. Zamperini, as well as many more of the top breeding kennels around the world enabled them to locate, negotiate, purchase, and deliver the most ideal dog for me.  My goals, my budget, and even my emotional needs were kept at the top of their work list throughout the entire process.  Considering the Goedertier’s reputation and that of Mr. Zamperini in Italy, I felt like I had a world class group of pros working for ME!  The result of all this of course, was Samoa.  She is now a member of my family, and the foundation bitch for my very humble, “hobby” breeding kennel, Von Der Helden Kreuz Rottweilers. 

When it comes to understanding a dog’s conformation, temperament, breed related congenital health problems, as well as the standards of the dog’s breed set by the most reputable breed clubs (i.e. FCI, ADRK, ARV, USRC, ARC), there is just too much to understand when making an informed and intelligent decision on which puppy or adult to purchase, and most importantly from whom.  Financial investments aside, the emotional investment that goes along with buying a dog of any caliber is huge in my opinion.  When you invest yourself in your dogs like I do mine, then you don’t weigh their worth any differently than the people of importance in your life.  Retaining the services of credible, knowledgeable, compassionate, resourceful, ethical, and trust worthy professionals, is the foundation you should always start from before considering investing in your future Rottweiler  

Our breed is truly a noble breed.  Rottweilers are special in many ways, and require a special understanding.  Whether you are looking for a great Working dog, a stellar Conformation dog, a sound and loyal family pet, or any combination of these; be sure to save yourself a lot of time, frustration, financial capital, and heartache.  Talk with Joeri & Christina at Redwood Krest.  Ask them ANYTHING!  You may or may not like their answers, but you will get an ethical and sincere response.  Opinions and philosophies aside, there are a number of basic, non-negotiable, objective criteria in determining whether or not you are purchasing a quality Rottweiler.  Though there are NO GUARANTEES when purchasing and owning a live animal, there are some intelligent decisions you can make about the associated risks of investing in a breed like ours.  Be sure you base your decisions on the most credible information you can.  Joeri & Christina will earn your trust if you afford them the opportunity.  They will educate, provide you with professional service, and they will find you the Rottweiler of your dreams… 

Do not hesitate to contact me for a reference or endorsement about my personal experiences with Joeri & Christina and the Redwood Krest Rottweiler Kennel.  Emails and phone calls are always welcome.   

Respectfully Yours,
John M. Shanebrook
Von Der Helden Kreuz Rottweilers
5775 SW Jean Road, Suite 102
Lake Oswego
, OR  97035-5311
Phone:  503.314.6619
Fax:        503.636.4380


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


Dear Jeori and Christina,

First of all I want to thank you for a wonderful companion. Beaudean is the best! He has only been here 4 weeks but if he does a fraction as well in the show ring as he has as my companion I will be on cloud nine. He is already so perfect if he never enters a show ring he will still be my constant companion and my forever friend. 

Second, I never told you this but I did tons and tons of research prior to choosing a kennel. Redwood Krest was my very top choice. But I could not imagine living with a Rottweiler who had a tail. So I left a deposit with a kennel on the east coast that docks tails. The puppies were born and as the pictures began coming, I was asked to choose which puppy I wanted as I had first choice. They all looked so small and scraggly I could not decide on which one could possibly be the pick. At the same time I continued to visit your web site and look at the litter currently on the ground. They looked so big, so healthy, just like what I wanted. So I decided to lose my $500 deposit and live with a tail. I told the breeder on the east coast that I had changed my mind. I talked to you and was admittedly a little worried because you were going to chose the puppy instead of me. But I decided to trust my first impression, my gut instinct and go with my original choice of a Redwood Krest puppy. Also being a bird breeder I often have to decide which parrot fits with a certain family so you weren't too far off of my own practices. 

You had two litters coming up and helped me decide which one would be best. You chose my puppy. And so far Beaudean exceeds all of my expectations. I have bred, raised and shown Australian Shepherds for years.  Aussies are known for their high intelligence. I did not expect my rott puppy to be as intelligent as he so obviously is. Beau is extremely smart and even rivals our Border Collie in the brains department. In addition he has a very very nice temperament, which is so important since I have Parrot customers in and out of my home on a daily basis as well as very young grandchildren who come to visit. Beau will turn 3 months old tomorrow. He loves everyone but has already shown himself to be protective at this young age. 

Three years ago I lost my 10 year old "perfect" male Aussie to cancer. He has been irreplaceable until now. Thank you both so very much. I would recommend you to anyone and my next Rottweiler will come from Redwood Krest. And I love the tail!

Wendy Craig
Wendy's Parrots
Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Dear Christina and Joeri,

It's been a pleasure to view your website, of which I came across through ADRK. 

Last year we bought a male puppy - Redwood Krest Vino - now with 11 months. He is as handsome as he is smart, agile . His temperament is calm and secure but alert, obedient and a quick learner. He loves to swim either to catch the ball or to keep us company. Vino is our friend and guardian.

I want to Thank You  both for choosing a excellent puppy for our family.

Congratulations and Wishing a Successful Endeavor.

Iris Cambilargiu
From Izmir - Turkey


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Hi Joeri and Christina,


I purchased one of your puppies from Django and Lilly litter born on Febuary 22, 2005.

I just wanted to let you know she has been the best Rottweiler I have ever owned. I am currently obedience training her and she is doing very well. She always wants to please me and she is very loving. I have received several compliments on her looks and her temperament. My son wants to purchase a puppy from you in the near future as well. We love her dearly and I just wanted to thank you for such a great dog.

Pam Velder


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

I bought two pups from Joeri - one out of Mambo and one out of Muck.From my experience, I can tell you that I am very impressed with his care, knowledge, and his devotion to the breed. I find Joeri to be very easy going and down right truthful about his trade. The more I talk to Joeri, the more I like the guy. The more I talk to him, it seems, the more pups I have from him. I should stop talking to the guy. (LOL)

Thank You! Joeri, for being an honest person. When I need to know an honest or truthful opinion on a dog, dog matter, or any subject, you are there to provide it. For being a big and successful Rottweiler kennel, you guys are very approachable and reasonable - very much unlike the others.

The pups I received from you, Joeri -as I told you on the phone- seems as if they were already trained. I have never seen pups with that much smarts and excellent behavior. They would sleep inside or outside without making a single noise from day one- at 10 weeks old. They never had a bathroom accident in the house, and I did not have to lease train them - they already knew. Both pups acted very much a like, but they were for different litters and were three months apart; therefore, you guys are doing something right when you are raising your pups.

I will always try to keep you and Christina updated on the puppies progress. Thank You for bring these great German Bloodlines to the USA.

Your Friend,
John Ung

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

24 January 2006 

Dear Joeri,

I’m writing to thank you for our new puppy. We call her Mia (short for Annabellamia). I think you have selected a wonderful companion/guardian for us. I have to admit that I was a little worried when I picked her up at the airport. She didn’t want to come out of the kennel at first. But within 10 minutes or so of getting her home and into the house she came out and began getting acquainted with the whole family. 

Within an hour Mia was all over everyone. She seems to be forming a special attachment with our daughter Amy, exactly as I had hoped. She is curious, playful and strong as a horse already. 

As you know, Mia joins our 3-year old Golden (Joe) and our 4-year old cat (Charcoal) as well as a pet rabbit we never got around to naming. I am very pleased with the way all of the animals are adjusting to each other. Mia has taken to following Joe everywhere, when Amy is not around. She pounces on him, plays tug-o-war with him with her new rope toy and pulls on his tail ( until Joe gives her a growl ) which backs her up for all of about 5 seconds and she goes right back to him. 

As you might expect, the cat is a bit more circumspect of the new puppy but Mia typically approaches him in a more gentle way than how she plays with Joe and the cat has actually let the puppy come up and lick her, although the second Mia’s sharp little puppy teeth come out to play kitty jumps to high ground. It would probably wise for kitty to give Mia one good smack with her paw if she plays too rough, but I think they will figure it out for themselves.

The wait seemed like forever but we are sure glad we waited. I honestly don’t think we could have selected a better puppy, or breeder. Kudos’ to you and Redwood Krest!

Michael B. Hudson


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

In my search for my rottweiler puppy, there were certain qualities I looked for in individual/breeder before I gave any consideration whatsoever to what they were trying to sell:

1.    Reputation
2.    Integrity
3.    Knowledge
4.    Passion/Commitment
5.    Consistency

I believe I found these qualities in Joeri Goerderteri of Redwood  Krest Rottweilers.  In my first conversation with him, I was very impressed with how open  he was in sharing information and how gracious he was in the amount of time he had to spend with me. The conversation was not a focused Sales Pitch, Joeri was trying to determine my future goals for this puppy and assess whether or not he could meet my needs.  He also gave me direction and advice for some challenges I was facing with a six month old pup.  Joeri also shared some insight on his experiences and thoughts on importing puppies from Europe.   

During the course of our conversation Joeri mentioned that he had a breeding that might be of some interest to me:  Maik von der Frankentanne x Samoa dell Antico Guerriero.  We spoke at length about the attributes that Maik and Samoa possessed as well as any they were lacking. I knew I found what I was looking for and let Joeri know that I would have a reservation check in the mail for him asap. 

Eight weeks passed and the pups were ready to go.  Joeri called to let me know that he had selected a very promising male for me; one that he planned on holding back for himself.  He assured me this was the one I wanted and if I wasnt immediately impressed with him to send him back.  Wellhe was right.  I pulled Zeke out of the crate, just outside the cargo area and all I could say was OMG!!!

Needless to say, my wife and I are very pleased with the latest addition to our family.  Thank you so much.  We look forward to meeting you one day and wish you continued success. 

Best Regards,
Val Mojica
San Diego, California


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Well it will be 2 years since we first brought home Lucifer. He is a younger image of his father Axel. We bought him for our daughter's 3 birthday present and he has won the hearts of everyone in our family. The way he is can be so frustrating that it is very funny. He is one of the most stubborn dogs I have ever encountered which is why we enjoy him so much. He never gives up on anything and has a very watchful eye on our 2 young children. He has destroyed walls and numerous items, yet he always has a kiss for you when you need it the most. Having Lucifer in our family has proven to be a huge task, one that we enjoy everyday. He is more than a dog, he is a huge member of our family. We look forward to more years with him, and we will most defiantly be looking into getting another dog from RedwoodKrest. Attached is a picture of our daughter with her puppy at about 9 months. As you can see the quality of this dog, you can see the makings of a future protector and loyal companion. We are very happy with Lucifer (Luci) to our 2 year old. Thank-you for breeding such wonderful animals for the world and proper owners to enjoy.

The Phillips.


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Proud owners of Redwood Krest's Yasmine:

While in search for a female out of Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, we found Redwood Krest Rottweilers had just posted an ideal upcoming litter sired by Mambo X Dina von St. Niclas. We looked at other Mambo breeding's and found this particular breeding to be a great match.
Contacting Joeri right away, we informed him of what we were looking for in a puppy and he delivered. Throughout the purchase, he keep us well informed with photographs, and up to date information on the litter. Everything to this point has been a wonderful experience.
Arriving at 8 weeks old,  on a seven hour flight, we expected Yasmine to be stressed & air sick. We were extremely pleased to find her alert and ready to explore. She seemed very confident and curious with the airport surroundings as she eagerly checked everything out.

 Yasmine possess a strong head, beautiful coloring, nice markings, confidence, a great temperament, excellent drive, and is stunningly gorgeous. She already shows a great potential for the show ring. We look forward to getting her out on the Schutzhund field, and are on our way to her CGC title. 
Redwood Krest focuses on the highest breed standards including conformation, structure, type, temperament, health and function. This evident from the list of accomplishments bestowed upon them. Redwood Krest Rottweilers are professionals who tend their business in a very personal manner. The extent of knowledge they possess is very warm and inviting. I would like to thank Redwood Krest Rottweilers, and we look forward to sharing many years of Rottweilers and friendship with them.

Jason and Tabitha Knight
co - Owners
vom Atubros Rottweilers
Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Owner of Redwood Krest's Rillke and Redwood Krest's Ursa:

As a breeder, handler and veterinarian, I am most impressed with the quality and soundness of their puppies. They (Riellke and Ursa) are already showing great potential for the show ring and various other activities, e.g., herding and working. I am very satisfied and would willingly buy another dog from them when the situation arises.

Cheryl Neuman, DVM

Port Orchard, WA

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

We want to take the time to let you know how our, “baby boy,” Redwood Krest’s Nitro Don Henry, CGC, (Hank) is doing.

As you know Hank is our second rottweiler.  Our first, Gus, was a large dog weighing about 150 lbs.  He was the love of our life.  However, he passed away from bone cancer at seven years of age and we missed him terribly.

After a few months we decided we would like to get another rottweiler, so we started looking.  We went to local dog shows, and to the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.  We found a breeder at the Cow Palace, and thought we would be getting a pup from her, but it didn't work out, and that of course was a big set back for us.

In our search we found your website on the internet Redwood Krest Rottweilers.  We were really impressed, Joeri, with the amoutn of time you spent on the phone with us when we contacted you, answering all of our questions, and the extent of your knowledge and commitment to this beautiful breed.  Not only are you concerned about the conformation of the breed, but also: temperament, health and brains, not necessarily in that order, are of the highest priority.

We were fortunate to get a puppy out of your "N" litter, Gonzzo Earl Antonius x Karla Od Dragicevica.  Everything from that point on has been a wonderful experience.  We brought Hank home at 7 1/2 weeks.  He was a very handsome little guy.  Now, Hank is 10 1/2 months old:  he weighs 90 lbs, he has a great head, beautiful coloring, markings and pigmentation, good balance, nice feet and a WONDERFUL LONG tail (for those of you that question that, try it you'll like it).  It is so wonderful to see him work with his tail held high and to see him greet everyone with wags of love.  Everyone who meets Hank comments how he is the most Beautiful Rottweiler they have ever seen (and we AGREE!!).

Hank's temperament is what anyone would want in a dog.  We were surprised after our last dog.  What a pleasure it is to have a dog with such a confident temperament, and again it sis shown in the wag of his tail.

Hank is a very smart dog, he learns quickly.  He has been going to obedience classes since he was about 3 1/2 or 4 months old.  At 7 1/2 months he got his Canine Good Citizen ® (CGC) we know that is not a big deal to some of you, but it is to us because it shows his ability to learn, socialize and the good temperament we want.

Again, Joeri and Christina, we want to thank you so very much.


Don and Fran Incardona
Grants Pass, Oregon


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Dear Joeri & Chrisitna,

We wanted to write to express our gratitude for all of your help, guidance and support over the last few years. From our first conversation your knowledge of and dedication to the Rottweiler breed was evident. You are always helpful and willing to share your knowledge with us and you have supported us every step of the way. Both of you are have been instrumental in helping us learn as much as we can about all aspects of the Rottweiler breed...including conformation, structure, type, temperament, health and function. 

In all of our encounters with you, never once have we heard you criticize other breeders or their dogs as so many others do. Instead you concentrate on educating us about your own dogs, their traits and their lines. You have patiently answered our many questions in an open, honest and straightforward manner, which we greatly appreciate. The information and documentation you keep on file for each of your dogs is a representation of your high level of professionalism. The two of you are truly unlike any other breeder we have encountered. 

When we brought Disel home, even though you did not breed him, you spent many hours on the phone with us discussing Disel's sire, Axel vom Calibra, so that we could understand the lines in our dog and the temperament we were seeing. You talked to us at length about showing, training and raising our dog for the sport. Not many stud dog owners would do that,  and that in and of itself is a testimony to the caliber of breeder that you are. 

When we approached you about buying V1-rated/ARV National Youth Seiger '04/ARV NWRYS '03 Redwood Krest's Fausto, you provided us with the volumes of information that was asked for. You spent hours on the phone with us answering our many questions and provided detailed information about Fausto's strengths AND weaknesses....a subject many breeders skip over when it comes to their dogs and lines. Perhaps a bit foolhardy at the time, we bought Fausto sight unseen other than some pictures on the internet. But we trusted you and it paid off for us. Fausto was everything you represented him to be and more. As has every dog been that we have since bought from you.

We appreciate all of the aid you gave us during the selection and import of Multi V-1/B.A.R.K. Select Adult Male '04 Maik von der Frankentanne SchH/VPG III AD BH ZTP. The sheer volume of contacts and your stellar reputation in Europe was evident during the 5 days we were in Germany. Your help, honesty and professionalism in the purchase, training, handling, breeding and subsequent sale of Maik was absolutely impeccable. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to import, show or trial a Rottweiler. Even though we do not own Maik any longer we are thrilled and grateful to be able to add Maik to our burgeoning breeding program. We could not have done it without you! 

Since then you have blessed us with Multi-VP Redwood Krest's Onyx. She was a kind and generous gift of friendship and we were truly honored by your presentation of her to us. She is a beautiful social female that is quite full of temperament. She is doing very well in the show ring and we are really looking forward to getting her out on the trial field. 

We are also extremely pleased with our two new females, Multi V1-rated/Multi Youth Siegerin Polly von der Frankentanne BH and V-rated/Youth Siegerin Golda Vom Grüntenblick BH. We appreciate your aid in locating and purchasing these two promising young females. When we told you that we were looking for foundation bitches for our breeding program, you interviewed us in detail and located exactly what we were looking for. You searched for females for us as if you were searching for females for your own kennel. Both girls are everything we expected and we were so pleased when Polly was V1 rated twice and Golda was V3 rated in their very first shows here in the US. We are looking forward to many great things from both of these girls in the future. 

We will never forget the first time we came out and visited the both of you, your dogs and your kennel. We knew you bred beautiful dogs, but what struck us and what will always stay with us is th absolutely consistent and impeccable temperaments all of your dogs possess. We have never seen a breeding program that produced such consistent type, temperament, structure and conformation. If our future breeding program is half as successful as yours then we will be way ahead of the game! 

Today you continue to mentor us in every way possible...even allowing us to participate in a whelping so we could be prepared when and if that time ever comes for us. Never in our wildest imagination when we picked up the phone 4 years ago to inquire about an Umbro puppy, did we ever imagine that not only would you become mentors, but also very dear and enduring friends. 

Again, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us as we progress in the show and working venues. We look forward to sharing many more years of Rottweilers and friendship with you both!

Samantha & Steven Canuso
Douglassville, PA
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It took me over a YEAR to find the right breeder for my Rottweiler!  In the process, I compiled a 3” binder of specifics about every Northern California breeder I could locate (at the time, Redwood Krest was located in Redwood City ).  There were many good breeders in the mix, but I was particularly attracted to Christina’s and Joeri’s commitment to produce dogs with good temperaments. 

Besides the basic breed standard, it was critical that I acquire a dog with three basic requirements.  1)  Good temperament.  2) Good temperament.  3)  Good temperament.  Redwood Krest met my standards of what I wanted my Rottweiler to be, and Venus continues to exhibit outstanding beauty, character, personality and an even temperament.  I am single mother with a young daughter, and Venus makes us both feel safer than any man ever has!  Who needs a man anyway – I have a ROTTWEILER !!!!!

Christina and Joeri have been especially encouraging and supportive of me as a first time Rottweiler owner.  They encouraged me to get a female puppy (THANK GOD).  I am incredibly happy with Venus.  She is strong, stunningly gorgeous, regal, and incredibly protective.  Soon I will send her to R.A.T.B. training (Rottweilers Against Teenage Boys) to keep all teenage boys away from my beautiful and talented 12 year old!

I have four promises to purchase puppies from my three year old Rottweiler purchased from Redwood Krest, and she hasn’t even been bred yet!  Why?  Because Venus, is so stunningly beautiful and REGAL in appearance, with such an excellent friendly but yet protective demeanor, that people just naturally fall for her – in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s, at the dog park, at the meat market where I purchase her B.A.R.F. diet ingredients.  She is magical, because the breed standards that Redwood Krest focus on are at the very highest end of the scale.   I applaud them and their commitment to this fabulous breed.

From this day forward, I will only, ever, always be a Rottweiler owner and Redwood Krest will only, every always be my source for dogs.  I will either purchase future dogs from them or have them help me breed my own dog. (originally purchased from them).  In my view, I will not need to spend any more time ever searching for a Rottweiler source.  

One doesn’t buy a DOG from a respectable breeder, one buys a RELATIONSHIP with the breeder as well.  Unless the breeder is there for you through thick and thin, providing phone, email, or reference support for any problems or concerns you have with their dogs, DON’T BUY FROM THEM.  Christina and Joeri are the PERFECT example of buying a dog with all the necessary backup support that is required.  They have been patient with my neophyte questions, supportive of my concerns, and seemingly CONSTANTLY helping me turn my Venus into an outstanding representative of what Rottweilers should be.  I applaud them.  I appreciate them.  You should too.

 JoAnn N, Oakland , Ca.

 P.S. – THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers

Quaid at 4 1/2 months old

"I have been around top quality Rottweilers for more than 20 years and
Redwood Krest has my vote as best all around breeder.  Joeri and
Christina make a team that is not only down to earth and honest but they
consistently deliver top notch results.  Redwood Krest Rottweilers has
my sincerest recommendation!  Thanks again for Quaid!!"

Augie Sciulla
owner of Redwood Krest's Quaid

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


Joeri Goedertier found us a great dog for our breeding program - four of

Aika's first litter have achieved a rating of SG1 in an IABCA Dog Show
recently. He also
worked with another dog we purchased, and was able to fix some bad
habits her
previous owner had gotten her into.

We found him to be honest and straight-forward in our business dealings
-- he tells you how things are, not what he thinks you might want to

And he's got a good sense of humor which makes dealing with him a
pleasure. Thanks Joeri!

Spence, Janie and Yvonne Spencer
Jaspenhof Kennels

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


Dear Joeri and Christina,

Thank you so much for all your help with the new pup.  Ozara (call name Zari) came in to Orlando International Airport at about 7:00 pm on Friday night as Randy Theen (DVG SE Region Training Director), his young son Aaron and I anxiously awaited her arrival.

The air time was a total of almost seven hours and to be honest, I expected a rather stressed, possibly air sick pup.  Boy was I surprised.  It took less than a minute for her to come out of that crate and be ready to play.  

You said she’d never been on a leash before, but within minutes she was walking nicely on it without a problem.  She was alert, curious and very happy, with that tail wagging furiously. 

Randy and I did some gentle testing with her, there at the airport cargo area with the jets coming and going and forklifts and semi tractors all around us.  She showed alertness and curiosity to everything around her.  No adverse reactions to anything that we could think of.  She was secure with strange footing, loud sounds and strangers. 

Her ball/play drive was obvious when Randy turned over a plastic trash drum and threw the ball into it, she didn’t hesitate to run inside and get the ball. 

In the two weeks since then, I’d like to say that she’s fit into our household very well.  She’s been with me just about everywhere, the vet, and stores, training at our club, and everywhere she goes she’s very friendly and outgoing.   She doesn’t seem to be phased by traffic, slick flooring, shopping carts, bicycles or motorcycles etc.  If anything does spook her, she quickly recovers and goes back to explore it. 

My compliments on her breeding and upbringing, if she’s a typical specimen, you’re doing something right.  I look forward to beginning her training for the sport and many happy hours with her.

I’ll be happy to update you with photos and information as she progresses.


Shelly Timmerman
Secretary, North Florida Schutzhund Club Inc.
Editor, KG Korner


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


Hello Joeri and Christina,

I just thought I would send you a letter and let you know how absolutely pleased we are that we found you and chose a puppy out of Mambo/Donna.  I have enclosed photographs with a previous e-mail that were taken today that are a good example of how beautiful, proud, and confident he is.

Our puppy is developing so incredibly fast that I cannot believe he's only four months old.  He went to the veterinarian today for his final DHLPP booster and weighs in at 48.9 pounds! Behavior has been excellent, he can be a bit aggressive with our two-year-old female French mastiff, but that's just a Rottweiler being a Rottweiler.  He has managed to completely dominate her, but that's OK because she has accepted that he is going to be the Alpha dog so I don't think we should have many problems because she cows down to him immediately if he becomes angry and growls, she will either trying to get him to focus on a toy or she will flip over on her back and let him win, defusing the situation.

It was evident from the very beginning that this was going to be an exceptional dog.  The night that I picked him up from your kennel, I taught him to sit on command in a matter of 30 minutes in my hotel room.  From the very onset, he walked well on a leash, brimming with confidence.

Since picking him up, I have taught him to heel on a leash, staying close by on my left side at all times.  It only took two 20 minute walks to teach him to sit when I stop walking, and he stays still as cars pass by.  As a matter of fact, when he sits next to me when I stop walking, he stares at my face pretty much the entire time waiting for a command.  We have also taught him to come on command, sit,

lie down, and settle which means to lay on his side with his head still on the floor to submit to inspection so that we can check his paws, nails, ears etc. I have always used to this as a training tool with my dogs so that in the event of an injury or for having nails clipped and ears cleaned, they understand to lie still and not turn their head toward whatever him doing.  This also hopes to build trust.

We are working on walking around to the heel position from sitting in front of me, but this one is always difficult and will be easier when the weather gets warmer and I can take him for walks more frequently.

He has demonstrated an excellent prey drive, very attentive to wildlife outside such as squirrels and deer.  He has managed to catch and kill two field mice in my front yard in the last two weeks.

He is very vocal about his emotions and can be quite a character -- at least once a day he does something to make us laugh.  If I don't pay attention to his Highness when I get home from work, he will bark and growl at me to express his displeasure until I pet him and play with him.  He is very affectionate with both my wife and I and has shown no overt aggression towards us.  Sometimes he likes to play a little rough but there's nothing unusual about that, he has a very even temperament but tons of pride and doesn't like to lose at any game.  In typical Rottweiler fashion, every toy in the house is his and he will often pile them all up and play amongst them, not letting our other dog in on the action.

He has just begun to become protective over our house and us, he will growl and bark at strangers, but also immediately recognizes friends and family with a wagging tail.  If I have him out and a stranger approaches, he will immediately put himself between me and that stranger with his hip against my leg, hackles and ears up, growling and looking to me for his next cue -- it's pretty amazing to watch the evolution of a good guard dog in one so young.

At the veterinarian he is just great.  He likes the doctor and support staff very much, knowing that they have dog cookies.  He has never so much as let out a whimper or even turned his head when being given injections.  He is very brave and tries to explore the entire office when we arrive, he knows they have cats and loves to chase them around and try to pin them to the ground with his paws.

His appetite is always great, in fact he can eat more at one sitting than our two-year-old 125 pound female mastiff.  He will often eat all of his food and then walk up to where our female is eating and stand his ground until she walks away, which she will often do immediately because she knows he will not give up and end up winning anyway.  We are trying to curb this behavior because he always has plenty of food in his bowl, she is on daily feedings and it makes it difficult to know that she's getting enough to eat if he's stealing food out of her bowl. 

Every where we go, people tell us he's the most beautiful Rottweiler they've ever seen, and of course I have a biased opinion, but I think they are right.  He has an exceptional head, good stocky body, huge paws, and a beautiful face with perfect markings in good pigmentation in his mouth.  I have reviewed many photographs of his father on the dozens of web sites that feature pictures of him, and was able to find photographs of Mambo at four months old.  Our Atilla looks very much like his father, and might even be a bit bigger for his age but we'll have to see how he turns out as an adult.  I for one believe he will be exceptionally beautiful, large, and the force to be reckoned with for any fool that decides to mess with us or our household.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with our latest addition to our family and will be coming to you for all of my Rottweiler puppies in the future.  It is probably obvious to you that I have a type of person that will always have a Rottweiler in the house.                      

Thanks again for everything -- Kevin S. Gavin DPM


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


I recently purchased an 8-week old male pup (Redwood Krest's Shane) from Joeri and Christina.  My dealings with them before, during, and after the sale have been terrific.  They helped me pick out a great pup that (so far) has been just what I was hoping for.  I was very impressed with the high quality of their dogs, the accomplishments they have attained, and the care that Joeri and Christina have given them.  It was difficult to pick my pup because the whole litter looked good and had great temperaments for their age, but I'm very happy with my choice so far.  Joeri and Christina spent a LOT of time with me by phone and in person, and they both showed a high level of commitment and knowledge.


Thanks again,
Skip Morgart.....Akron, OH

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


12th February 05

Received Ranger (Male) & Queen-Nie(Female) from Redwood Krest Rottweiler Kennel &  K9 Center on 8th January 05

Hi Joeri & Christina,

Our 2 new puppies arrived 8th January 05. We were concerned with the long flight (28 hrs) that they might arrive scared and traumatized, refusing to come out of their crate. When we picked them up at the airport, I opened the crate door and they ran out, tail wagging, looking fresh as ever. All the noise in the airport didn't appear to bother them at all. 

They are extremely healthy, substantial with strong bone, large well developed head, excellent temperament & prey drive. They are the ideal working type. 

We look forward to training them for Obedience, Personal Protection, Guard Dog & as well as SchH sport ring. They act like they have lived here all their life. They naturally seem to like people and they run right up to them confidently tail wagging high. Every day they seem to become more of an alligator with those little puppy teeth and they seem like a bundle of boundless energy. They naturally seem to go for a full mouth bite when they go after my hand, arm (or whatever else they are going after) It's going to be a real pleasure training and working with these dogs.

It's a pleasure dealing with people who are as detailed and professional as you and Christina. We have had a lot of questions and everyone seems eager to help.

A big thanks to Christina for all your help.

Many thanks,

Kenson Leong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


My name is Kimberly Cardona and I am the breeder for "vom Drakkenfels" kennels in Central Florida.  Recently I contacted Joeri in regards to not being able to find the right boy for me.  Joeri knows me well from the past where we have helped each other in many shows.  Joeri told me my search was over...He had a puppy that he felt would be perfect for me.  He was right.  Redwood Krest's Indio arrived in Orlando at 12 mo, we met, and the rest is history.  Indio is a large boy with a lot of breed type, LOVES to play and loves people.  He has shown in the Nationals, Landesgruppe, and in many other shows as a Youth and has  been    consistently SG rated.  My goals with Indio are going to be challenging but with Joeri to lead the way I think we can do it.  Indio will be working over this coming year for his Sch1, ZtP and BH,  his Can Ch. and if possible his Int Ch. and points toward his Am Ch.  Thank you soooo much Joeri and Christina for all the support and guidance as I raise my son.  Even after 15 years in this breed an old dog like me is enjoying learning the new tricks.  /winks at Indio


Best Regards~
Kimmy Cardona
vom Drakkenfels


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweiler puppies, rottweilers


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