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rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
Joeri Goedertier
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies washington
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
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rottweiler puppies washington
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rottweiler puppies washington
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale
rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale

rottweiler puppies for sale, german rottweiler puppies for sale

Joeri,rottweiler puppy 

As promised, here are a few shots of Hero.  He is a remarkable young pup and has carved out a spot for himself within our family.  We could not be happier with him or with the care and concern you have expressed from the point of sale to the present. 

Nearly all who lay eyes on Hero can't help but comment on how beautiful he is.  They also comment on  his open and friendly demeanor.  He carries himself with a friendly and quiet confidence that speaks loudly of his fine bloodline and careful breeding. 

We'll keep in touch and for now send our best regards to you and your family.

Ron, Janet and Charis


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Hi Joeri and Christina -  

rottweiler male About 1 years ago, I was talking to Joeri about possibly buying a puppy from him as my Rottweiler mix is getting older.  He told me about this older dog he had and asked if I would like to come take a look at him.  Ajax, now called Jager, came home with me that day and it was love at first sight.  I have never owned such a well behaved dog.  He is my protector and is constantly at my side.  When we go for walks he gets so many compliments.  I can take him anywhere because he is so well behaved.  He loves to go with me everywhere I go.  I also foster dogs so we have many animals coming and going all of the time.  Jager is my alpha dog, but it so well behaved I never have to worry about him.  I highly recommend Joeri and Christina and Redwood Krest.  They are top notch and breed top notch dogs.  Thank you both for a wonderful companion.

Marilene Cannon
Dog Foster for "Must Love Dogs NW"


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Dear Joeri and Christina,rottweiler puppy

We would like to thank you so much for such and outstanding puppy. She has the best temperament of most any dog I've ever had seenmuch less any Rottweiler I've ever owned. There is such a noticeable difference in the quality of breeding to produce such an outstanding dog. So we would like to thank you for your code of ethics in breeding as well as the support you have offered to us since we have had her.


Thanks so much,

Dusty, LeAnn, Drew, Elijah & Eliana Roberts




Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Hi Joeri and Christina.

Mark and I wish to thank you again for Zidane. Between the two of us we have owned 3 Rottweilers in the past and love the breed. We had Redwood Krest's Zidanebeen traveling nurses for 9 years and always knew that when we settled down we would want Rottweilers again. Well, we found our home in Vancouver WA last summer and this spring decided to begin looking for a Rottweiler puppy. After doing some research we were surprised and pleased to find a world class Rottweiler breeder only miles away from our house. After speaking with you on the phone you invited us to visit your kennel the next day to view the 3 male Rottweiler puppies you currently had for sale. The next day we arrived to find that one of the puppies had already been sold. After a couple of hours of viewing and playing with the 2 remaining puppies, we finally made our choice on Zidane (thank you for your patience by the way). We are so happy that Zidane is part of our family. He is so loving and well mannered. He already knew the command "sit" and quickly learned "down, stay, come". Everyone, friends and strangers alike, say what a handsome and easy going puppy he is. He loves walking up to people and then sitting at their feet waiting for them to pet him. Also you can see by looking at the photos that he is living up to the reputation of his namesake. We wish to obtain a female Rottweiler puppy in the future and definitely will be asking you about your future litters. We will keep in touch and continue to send photos of Zidane. Thank you,

Daniela Maerz and Mark Moors

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Hi Joeri,female rottweiler  |  Redwood Krest's Electra


I apologize for not ever emailing you before. I purchased a pup from you about 2 yrs ago now, "Elektra"

I just have to tell you that she has turned out to be "The best damn Rottweiler I've ever had" She is good size, awesome drive, stable temperament and SMART. I am so pleased with her and I thought it was high time that I let you know.

Thank you again for the most wonderful dog.


Rob Wiebe 
Ontario, Canada




Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

January 8, 2008 

Dear Joeri and Christina,

I have been meaning to write you this letter for a very long time.  And although I do my best to keep in touch and let you know how Janosch is doing, I have never fully expressed my gratitude to you for selling me such a wonderful and awesome dog.

Janosch is truly one of the most amazing and incredible dogs I have ever owned.  He will be five years old in May and I still cannot believe how quickly time has passed.  From the day I came to see him at your kennel, Janosch stood out from the rest.  Even as a puppy, he was always amazingly bold and self-possessed.  He is intelligent, outgoing and fearless; while at the same time sweet and generous and extremely affectionate.  No matter where we go Janosch seems to have a huge fan club when we leave.  In addition to his excellent disposition and temperament, Janosch is also an amazing athlete.  I hike, backcountry ski, ice climb, rock climb, mountaineer, surf and whitewater raft.  Janosch does it all with me with an ease and grace that belies his massive 150 lb. frame.

This winter we are working towards getting Search and Rescue certified.  I hope to get Janosch certified in Avalanche and Wilderness Search and Rescue.  If all goes well, I will continue his education and obtain his certification as a Cadaver and Human Remains dog.  This is only possible due to Janosch’s incredible drive and intelligence.  I have been complimented again and again on what a superior prospect Janosch is for SAR work.

Every day I am so happy and grateful that you did such an amazing job with Janosch.   I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for the best Rottweiler they can possibly find, as I believe you do breed the best dogs anywhere.  Moreover, I truly appreciate your honesty and integrity.  And I have incredible respect for your professionalism and vast knowledge of the breed. 

Thank you again for a wonderful dog and a wonderful experience. 

All my best,
Thea Inoue And Janosch

P.S.  And I know I’ve sent this to you before, but Janosch is on a climbing magazine website as their “Ambassador”.  Check him out at     (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Well, I am a long term owner of Rotties, over 30 years and have had a bit of rough luck with my boys and girls in the last 9 or so years. I lost my Hubba Bubba female to osteosarcoma, her "husband " also to osteosarcoma and am currently battling lymphoma with their son. I called Joeri about a month ago, told him my story and said when I lose my current male I wished to be put on a list for a big, beautiful, bold female from a working background. This is after researching breeders extensively for over a year. He said "I have what you want right now , " I turned him down and said I would wait until I was Rottweiller empty, my plate was very full. He said, no pressure, he would have a great puppy for me when I was ready. That lasted 12 hours. In the morning I said "send her" and what a knockout of a puppy met me at the airport. She's big, she's bold, she's beautiful. She already owns the house and my enormous male Rottie, another male Akita, and unfortunately the cat. I put her right to work, the little devil, she has a very high drive. 9 weeks old and she already knows "come" to a very straight sit in front of me, "watch me", "no bite", "load up"( in the car) where I give her fat fanny a lift up in the car and "down". She watches me like an adult dog and when I am out of sight for a second her nose hits the ground and around the corner she comes flying. I have owned some phenomenal Rotties and I can say that I thought my last female was the one I would always judge other pups by, but this one, she will be the pup of a lifetime.  Thank you Joeri and Christina and thank you Xelly and Iago from the bottom of my heart. You bred the perfect puppy, you picked me the perfect puppy and what can I say but thank you.

Betty L.
Flagler Beach, Florida

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

When I first started my search for a Rottweiler I was overwhelmed by all of the different websites, internet ads and promises of "great bloodline from imported parents". I knew the type of dog I wanted and although there were a lot of puppies for sale out there, I was not satisfied with the overall quality of the dogs I saw. After several bad experiences with different breeders who were supposed to have first class dogs, I was very leery and nervous about finding the right puppy. When I found Joeri and Redwood Krest Kennel I was so excited. Joeri's dogs had a consistency of quality that I hadn't found in many other breeders. Every one of his dogs was beautiful. He really seemed to hold his breeding to a higher standard and had the type of Rottweiler that I had been searching for.

was very leery about buying a dog without seeing the parents and breeding facility, but Joeri's accomplishments speak for themselves and I took a risk and bought a male puppy. This was a huge step for me. I was even more nervous because I didn't see a picture of the puppy before buying him, but I trusted Joeri's  expertise to pick me out a puppy suitable for me. And although pictures are nice to look at, there is no comparison with the breeders opinion on the pups.

I have to say that the puppy is all that I asked for and more. He arrived to me at the airport after traveling all night across the US and came out of the crate wagging his tail and licking my face. No fear or timidness.... just a big, happy, healthy and beautiful puppy! I am so glad that I trusted Joeri and bought this puppy. His dogs truly are superior and it really shows through in the pups. This puppy is huge and is just perfect! Not just in looks, but he is full of energy and confidence, but at the same time sensitive in a productive way that makes him highly trainable. I am so excited to watch him grow, everyone that meets him just loves him and he is exactly what had wanted for so long. I can't say enough about this great little guy. I will definitely be coming to Joeri for my next pup. Thank you so much Joeri!!! 

Amy Mitchell

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

To Whom It May Concern:                                                                                                                                                                          September 2, 2007 

My wife, Selene, and I had heard about Redwood Krest from our good friend, Jenelle Tonini-Zanotto. We had previously bought Waco, a male Rottweiler, from her. Waco’s father was Maik who was from Redwood Krest. Waco is a wonderful and beautiful male dog with a sparkling disposition.Redwood Krest's Waco  |  male rottweilers

We wanted another Rottweiler like Waco. One day I called Joeri about obtaining a dog from Redwood Krest. I told Joeri that my wife and I would be in the Washington area around the first week in April and could we please stop by and see his kennel. In the first week of April we met Joeri at Redwood Krest. From the beginning we saw an assortment of magnificent dogs that had the qualities that we were looking for. We were so impressed with the clean and professional facility, Redwood Krest.

In May we checked with Redwood Krest’s website for females that were having litters. We found out that one of Joeri’s favorite males was Maik. Unfortunately Maik had suddenly died so the chances of getting any offspring from him would be very difficult.  

In June we got a call from Joeri and one of his females had indeed had a litter with Maik as the sire. We were very excited about getting our new puppy which arrived a week later. When we saw her we knew she was going to be perfect for our family. Her name is “Roxy”, and she became an instant member of a family of two Rottweilers and six cats. She and Waco immediately bonded. They constantly play and share their lives together. She gets along wonderfully with the neighbors and their children. She loves other dogs; and everyone who meets here realizes how friendly she is.  

I don’t know the precise qualities that make a good show dog, but I do know that she has a beautiful face and muscular body structure that pleases most people. We are the only family in our community that has two Rottweilers. Many people have commented how symmetrical Roxy’s long tail goes with her body.  rottweilers


The point of this letter is that Joeri was able to place us with this wonderful Rotty that fits in wonderfully in our family. She has the disposition and looks that we wanted. We didn’t have to worry about contracts binding us into showing Roxy for a long period of time. Joeri’s only concern was that Roxy be placed in a good home. After having Roxy in our family for these few months, we have decided to show her in a puppy competition this fall.  

My wife and I stand behind Joeri and his beautiful dogs. We recommend his services to anyone, and if we ever need another Rottweiler, we know that we would go back to Joeri and Redwood Krest.  

Grant & Selene Denney
Gold River, CA


Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Joeri e-mailed me the other day to check on the new dog, Roco vom Brandenburger Tor, that he imported for us. At the end of the e-mail he asked about the testimonial for his website we had been promising to send.Roco vom Brandenburger Tor |  male rottweiler

What can I say? In the time we have known him, we have acquired eight dogs from Redwood Krest; that should tell you something.

Every dog we bought for show has been V1 rated. The stud dog we bought has covered every breeding and produces exceptional puppies. The two working dogs show great temperament and super drive on the Schutzhund field. Yes, it is easy to say great things about your breeder when things work out so well for you.

What about when, God forbid, things don't go so well?

What happens when your new Pink Papered, Schutzhund III, German imported female dies of an auto-immune disease? What happens when your show prospect puppy's hips, that prelimed excellent, turn out to be dysplastic?

How many of you would be happy with your breeder then?

male rottweilerI am.

When these things happened, Joeri and Christina stepped up like the professionals they are and worked out a deal where everyone was happy.

How many breeders are willing to go the extra mile for you?

I have been around long enough to tell the real thing from the kennels that try to pass off their poor dealings as, "That's all you get in the dog world."

Bottom line, Redwood Krest is the real thing. I will be calling Joeri and Christina when I am looking for my next dog too.

Ron Hoselton




Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs


After speaking with Dr. Brian Beard of Black Onyx Rottweiler fame about your kennels. I was given the privilege to come see for myself. Christina and Joeri were nothing but kind to myself and my wife while we were there. 

As Joeri brought out dog after dog that looked like they were chiseled out of stone, I got to witness why RKR is at the peak of the Rottweiler World. It's a simple but tough formula: hard work, dedication and going above and beyond to meet client expectations. When you see 5 week old pups at RKR as big or bigger than most 8-10 week old pups, you know these pups were loved and cared for by the RKR family. rottweiler male

Joeri's helper (Jagger) which is his 3 year old son is showing the dedication by helping "Papa" take care of all the dogs and his expertise on leash breaking pups is a joy to see. It is heartwarming that the future guardian of RKR is already on the job. And baby Anais does her share also in socializing the pups. They are brilliant children. Joeri and Christina have plenty to be proud of in their children. 

I was especially impressed with the time Joeri took to show me how to properly show a dog. I had talked to many so-called "top" Breeders and was basically told to take a hike. Not Joeri. I have came away from this trip with more knowledge on showing and a chance to win without a handler. Thank you for restoring some lost confidence. 

Of course I left with my 3rd RKR dog, Pink Papered German Import Olli Von M|hlberg. Trained By Christina. I am very excited to have him and will have information on my website soon. I'll sure be glad when Joeri breeds Wasko; my deposit is in already. Wasko is the best I've ever seen. and Quenn and Quincy are right there also. 

People all I can add is, if there is any doubt in your mind about Import dogs, don't second guess yourself. Br protected by utilizing the talents of Joeri and RKR to fill your Rottweiler needs.

Kenny and Carla Austin
PS I look forward to you coming to see me in May for some good ole Southern cooking while you are in the area for the USRC Nationals. 

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs


In the pursuit for looking for a beautiful Rottie Girl, to own, to show and to take back with me to India, after over twenty enquires to different people across the country, my heart was over-whelmed with happiness when Joeri wrote back to me saying that he knew of a beautiful girl, though not presently owned by him but will suit my purpose.  Without Christina's and Joeri's reassurance, positivism and help I would have never had this opportunity to say that I am a proud Rottie owner.   After having acquired "Rasha" and getting into a rather weird and helpless situation, it was Joeri and Christina's generous help that helped me take Rasha home.  Though my only regret is not being able to own a "REDWOOD KREST" dog , I'm looking forward to owning a REDWOOD KREST boy soon!

Words cannot express how thankful I am to you.  Redwood Krest will be my recommendation not only for great dogs, but the best breeder-owner relationship in the dog world!


Thanks Joeri and Christina! Without you Rasha would not have been possible!






Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs


A year ago we purchased an older Rottweiler female from Redwood Krest kennels. Our first intention was to buy a puppy, but Joeri showed us Opal (aka Redwood Krest's Loko) and we felt an immediate connection. She has been a wonderful addition to ourRedwood Krest's Loko  |  female rottweiler family. She has a beautiful body and a relaxed, confident attitude. We have 3 other dogs and she gets along great with them. Opal is the alpha dog, but she never starts a fight. People can come over and she is friendly and usually places herself between us and the guests. If you are looking for a dog that is as powerful as a Rottweiler, you better buy from a breeder that knows what they are doing. They must breed for excellent temperament, conformation and working ability. At Redwood Krest, you get all of it. Take a look at the pedigrees, every dog has proven itself for soundness, correct conformation and working titles. These dogs don't receive these awards easily. Joeri and his wife are no-nonsense people that breed some of the world's best dogs, do your homework and you will see.

Mike and Jo



Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs



Redwood Krest's Emmi  |  Rottweiler FemaleIt is with great honor and respect that we offer our endorsement for Redwood Krest Rottweiler Kennel.  We have become very close friends with Joeri and Christina since 2001, as they display a profound knowledge and passion on the remarkable breed of Rottweilers.  Although I originally pursued interests in Rottweilers back in 1989 while working at Banta’s Kennels in Southern California, I have decided that it is time to seek our dogs of the future.  Recently, we have been able to launch back into our joined passion for Rottweilers with our recent addition in June 2006 with Redwood Krest’s Emmi.  Emmi is a beautiful female with an excellent temperament and remarkable drive.  She has placed in the top 3 at recent USRC shows across the country, and often pushing V1.  Our latest addition, highly recommended from Joeri and Christina, is by far a rising champion, Redwood Krest’s Mick. From the moment I brought Mick home, he has displayed his desire to work and always being calm and attentive. Attendance at his first show in July 2007 in Calgary, Canada, proved to be a rewarding one - not only did Mick win Best Male Puppy, but he also won this prestigious title twice in the same weekend.  Our two Rottweiler additions were solely based on Joeri’s recommendations – a man of ethics, loyalty and an overwhelming concern for his dogs and the families he places them with.  We not only highly recommend Redwood Krest Rottweiler Kennel, but we are and will continue to be one of their customers. 


- Juan C. Hurd and Briana J. Hurd

  Southern California, U.S.A.

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

 Redwood Krest's Unica  |  female rottweiler

I just want to say thanks.
   Since Unica being with my family,   there is huge happiness around us.   My little girl also love her  very much and get along with her  very well.   I feel relaxed to let they two play together because Unica has a very good temperament.  She also bring me great happiness.   I just feel comfortable every time I spent time with her.  She is one of my family!
best  regards
 , Michael 

Hangzhou China





Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Andro von der Lauterbrucke  |  rottweiler male

Joeri Goerdertier and Redwood Krest Rottweilers have been successfully training and competing with my rottweilers world wide and nationally and have taken them to their numerous winnings multiple Siegerins, Sieger, World Show winning, youth Siegerins, best puppy titles as well as multiple working titles as Schutzhund, IPO, Krung, breedtests etc. for about eight years. I have always been very proud of my dogs levels of success's under Joeri's management. Joeri also imported and competed with my most famous rottweiler and notibly one of America's most famous imports Andro von der Lauterbrcke. I feel very fortunate to have such a knowledgable handler and confidant in the breed.  


 Lisa Bowman 
 DasilMar Rottweilers for over twenty years. 






Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs


This is the Reids . We bought Redwood Krest's Lars from you last year in Nov. Well we just want you to know that he has turned out to the greatest pup on this earth. We are so happy with him, his call name is Jack and he just loves to be loved. He turns 10 months next month and getting big. I think his head is growing faster than the rest of him.

Thank you once again, Jack has put what was missing in our lives after Jake passed away last year. I think there is a little of our old dog in Jack.


Penny Reid




Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Dear Joeri and Christina!

A huge thanks for the wonderful dogs that we purchased from you in the first half of 2007: REDWOOD KREST'S TOMBA, REDWOOD KREST'S OTTO, REDWOOD KREST'S JOSY and REDWOOD KREST'S LUKA. A special thanks goes out for Tomba. During the 4 months that he lives in our kennel he's taken the following titles: Champion of Kazakhstan, Champion of UCK, CACIB(FCI), Candidate to the Club Champion, IPO-1. He's also already become the father of wonderful puppies born in Kazakhstan. We wish the best of luck to you and your kennel! Thanks a lot!

Mr. Victor and Olga Preference
Rottweiler kennel "Priirtyshe"
Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.





Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs


Dear Joeri and Christina,

We are writing to tell you how happy we are with our new Rottweiler, Redwood Krest’s Spike.  From the minute we brought him into our home at 11 weeks old he has amazed us with his intelligence and temperament.   He arrived on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon he understood and obeyed Sitz and Hier.  By Tuesday, he obeyed Platz.  He is energetic, loves searching for hidden toys and treats and displays a calmness that astounds everyone we meet.  When Spike was 12 weeks old we took him to see a fireworks show on the Fourth of July and he enjoyed every second of it.  He sat quietly and calmly while looking up at the fireworks and after about twenty minutes, he fell asleep.  That’s right; he fell asleep during a fireworks show.  If that doesn’t show a calm and confident temperament, I don’t know what does.  Spike has also made fast friends with our two cats and we couldn’t be happier about that.  

Spike also has a soft spot for children and has quickly become a Rottweiler ambassador to the neighborhood.  Our neighbor’s children love playing with Spike and he has enjoyed romping with kids at pool parties.  The running kids, loud noises and splashing water have no effect on him other than total happiness.  All of the dog owners in our neighborhood are utterly amazed that Spike is so well behaved and confident.  Thanks to the advice and training that you gave us on positive reinforcement and clicker training, we have very much changed the negative opinion that several of our neighbors had about the Rottweiler breed.  They are stunned by the level of focus and stability that Spike displays during training.  Spike is truly a special dog and we feel like we are the luckiest people in the world for having him.   

We researched breeders for over year and made many phone calls and inquiries.  We knew we had found the right breeder after one phone call to Redwood Krest because you didn’t try to sell us a dog!  You told us to go everywhere else and look at every breeder we could find and compare their dogs to yours. We did exactly that never found what we were looking for.  We have had the benefit of spending time with you in your home, playing with your children and seeing your dogs up close.  We have been impressed since day one.  Spike is a far better testament to your knowledge and skill than anything we could write here and we thank you every day for giving him to us.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Jim and Mindy Windrem
Portland, OR

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

IRONBACK ROTTWEILERS would like to thank Joeri and Christina for importing an excellent 10 month old female for our kennel.  This female is much more than how Joeri described her to us over the phone.  Likewise, we at IRONBACK KENNELS would like to send a very special thanks to Joeri and Christina for their excellent, and professional, business sense.  For instance, I bought this female at about 12:00 noon on a Thursday via credit card over the phone, and I received the dog around 7:00pm, the same day.  Joeri and Christina are in Washington, and we are in Sacramento Ca, and we received our dog in less than 12 hours. Everything Joeri said about the dog was true, by this I mean he honestly stated what he did and did not like about the bitch, and to my surprise, he was on point.  The bitch was too young to have a hip cert., but he did x-ray her hips, and he said they where good.  However, I've dealt with many of other breeders that have lied about their  dogs. So I took the dog in and x-rayed her for myself, and her hips at this point, would be considered a good.  I'm waiting on my import paper work (from VDH in Germany)  and Joeri said it may take up to three months, and I believe I will receive my paperwork within that time frame.  Again, I would like to thank Joeri and Christina for my wonderful dog, and an excellent, and speedy business transaction. 


Thanks Joeri and Christina,
Elmo & Vangie Menefee

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

Hello Joeri and Christina
Just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed my visit last weekend. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of your dogs , not only temperament but also structure. I know that says a lot coming from an "AKC" guy, but I can honestly say that you guys have a true eye for structure and the majority of your dogs would do very well in AKC Conformation. I anxiously await the day the AKC clubs soften their stance on tails and quality German dogs can be shown in an unbiased venue in AKC. When that day comes, I see many Redwood Krest AKC Champions on the horizon. Of course with all of the titles your dogs already have, maybe that makes an AKC title unnecessary ? It would however make them more accessible to the AKC breeders which would absolutely benefit from the German head type.
I have never seen so many nice European dogs in one place. I love to visit Europe and look for new dogs to Import, but I think from now on I will let you handle that for me. You are able to get dogs that I could never get and have no idea where to find them. I am very excited about using Quincy and also the young male, "Wasko",  you showed me pictures of that is still in Germany. I think both have a lot to offer my AKC Champion girls and maybe the combination will give me what i am looking for in that German "type" and temperament that the American dogs lack. And i feel my girls will only strengthen the structure these beautiful German boys will bring. I believe the future looks very bright for both of us.
I also wanted to thank you for the hospitality you showed while at your place. It was so nice being picked up at the Airport, shuttled around, and treated like royalty. Although we had never met, you both made me feel totally comfortable in your home and a friendship was formed that will remain. Redwood Krest is a first Class operation from the owners, to the quality of dogs, as well as the living conditions for the dogs. I got some really good ideas on kennel set-up that I hope to implement very soon as well as supplements, meds, etc. I have always heard that in "big" operations the dogs do not get needed attention and lack proper care. It was so refreshing to see the condition of your dogs, their happy attitudes, and the large fenced in area they have to play in. I also enjoyed the visit to your Veterinarian with my 2 new girls Grafin and Frida, and how no dog leaves for it's new home without a thorough checkup--heart, eyes, patellaes, etc. I was overwhelmed when I saw the Redwood Krest file the Vet brought into the treatment room with her, it was HUGE and must have been 6 inches thick. It gave me the peace of mind knowing that your dogs visit the Vet on a regular basis for check-ups, etc and she actually did know my 2 dogs and quoted things about their last visits. I knew right then that I was very comfortable doing business with you guys and that anything and everything was open for discussion, nothing hidden when it comes to the health of the dogs I was purchasing.
Please let me know as soon as you get Wasko in from Germany. Maybe that will give me another excuse to fly back to Portland !!
Thanks again for everything
Brian Beard,D.M.D.
Black Onyx Rottweilers


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Joeri and Christina,

I just want to thank you for everything you did to make the breeding between Iago and Vallie possible. In the 20 years that I have been breeding I have never delt with anyone as wonderful as the two of you.

You were gracious and professional from the first time we met. When I needed you to send semen airport to airport two times (in the middle of the night) you went out of your way to accommodate me.  When we lost the puppies from the first breeding and you offered me a second breeding I was overwhelmed.

So many stud dog owners are only interested in receiving the stud fee- they really don't seem to care whether or not the bitch gets pregnant.You were just the opposite, you wanted puppies as much as I did.

I am so happy with the quality puppies I have from Iago I would like to repeat the breeding. These are truly some of the nicest puppies I have ever bred.

I am so glad we met and hope that our relationship remains strong for years to come. These puppies should make us both proud and glad we were able to work together.

If there is anything I can ever do to help you out, please don't hesitate to call; and if you ever need a reference for anything, don't hesitate to use my name.


Thanks again,
Lois Montgomery
High Hills Rottweilers


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Redwood Krest's Lasco was imported from the famous Redwood Krest Rottweiler Kennel, Washington State, USA. Lasco is the first Rott.

import in the Republic of Cyprus from the USA. At the age of 5 months, as shown in the pictures, he looks a very promising male with excellent pigmemantation and dark eyes. He also has a very strong head, strong pasterns and well formed legs. His newly grown teeth are in correct position with good scissor's bite. He has good coat and correct mahogany markings.

Thank you Joeri for trusting us Lasco and letting him come to Cyprus. I assure you he will have a great career on the Island.

Your friend and admirer,






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Joeri – Kimba is amazing (Hero x Lilly)!  After a plane ride from Pacific Northwest to the Southeast she popped out of the kennel, looked around for a second, found BJ and hopped at him. She was ready to work.  Kimba is showing signs that she could develop into a great worker.   We are very impressed with her bone, drive and potential confirmation; but I’m equally impressed w/ the breeder.  You didn’t have to call and follow up on the puppy days after Kimba was shipped to Georgia.  That phone call was a testament to your commitment to your product and to the breed.    

BJ and I will keep you up to date on her working progress (and titles!).  We also look forward to working w/ you again in the future.  You and your wife made this a seamless process. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to working with you again soon. 

I included a few photos of Kimba for you.  We’ll send you regular updates on her progress. If anyone asks for a reference on puppies you sold. You can give them my or BJ’s name and number.    

Wayne Swanson

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3 years ago I started a search for the perfect Rottweiler pup. Second best was not good enough for me, I wanted the best. A breeder friend of mine told me to check out Redwood Krest. I talked with Joeri and Christina for over two hours on the first call. I carefully told them exactly what I wanted in a Rottie pup. At first the thought of someone else picking out my pup for me didn't settle well. (I've been breeding Rotts for 20 years.) After taliking with them I knew that I had no need to worry. I then waited for another two years for that perfect pup and it was worth every minute of the wait. Redwood Krest's Bixi Belle arrived in Atlanta Jan 06 and my life has been filled with joy since. Joeri and Christina picked the perfect puppy for me. She meets all of my expectations. 'B.B.' is one year old now and I can find no falut with her. She is loyal, has a great tempermant......very good with children, travels well and is easily trained. I could not ask for a more perfect puppy. Don't hesitate to let them pick out your pup.......they know what they are doing and do it the best. I am so thankful that I chose to be patient and wait. Thank You Joeri and Christina. You listened to me and chose 'B.B.' for me.........what a blessing. Can't say Thanks enough. God Bless you.

Mary Carlson
der Eschte Rottweiler
Senoia, Ga


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We purchased a dog from you in August of 2005. His name was Romeo. We have since renamed him "Hero". He is a wonderful dog. He has worked out perfectly for our family. He is kind, attentive, and (of course) protective. He keeps strangers at bay, but once we have allowed someone into our home he is a perfect dog.We get complemented all the time about his look and his temperment. Thank you again for a fantastic dog.

Mark and Sally Collins




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To Fellow Rottweiler Lovers,

Last December 29th we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put down our beloved male Rottweiler Adel. Adel was our friend and companion for over 14 years and we miss him. He was a fine example of the breed with wonderful character and temperament.

Months passed and we soon realized that our home was missing the companionship and love that Adel lived to provide.

When my wife asked "will you please find us another Rottweiler like Adel?, I quickly told her that no two Rotts are exactly the same. She promised to remember this and our search began.

Having owned and lived with Rottweilers for many years, we knew the qualities that we wanted in our next puppy. Our challenge was to find a breeder that could provide the special puppy we were seeking.

In our search, we spoke to many breeders. While many breeders were waiting to hear the correct words from us, we were also waiting to hear the correct words from them.

Within 5 minutes of our first conversation, we knew we had found an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated breeder in Joeri. We found Joeri to have a down to earth, no nonsense philosophy about Rottweilers.

Please take the time to read Joeris' interview and goals pages on RKR's website.

When Joeri called us and told us he had a puppy for us, we were very excited. We of course asked all about the puppy and Joeri, in his way just said "yeah, he is a good puppy". An understatement as it turned out.

Redwood Krest's Djuke is everything we wanted in our puppy. Djuke possesses all the correct drives and has an outstanding temperament. He is excelling on the Shutzhund field and his prey drive is through the roof. The experienced trainers and handlers in our Shutzhund club are very impressed with him. Although his drives are high, he is a pleasure to have in our home and has fit into our routine very nicely. He is a very calm confident youngster. He truly is the smartest dog I have ever owned and learns his lessons at an astounding rate. I look forward to working with him everyday. He is also quite handsome!!!

Owners and prospective owners of Rottweilers must always remember that we, along with our dogs, are representatives of the breed. We owe it to this breed to strive to keep the correct temperament and drives in place. We can without reservation recommend Joeri and Christina at Redwood Krest to all that are seeking a true Rottweiler. We will be purchasing another puppy from RKR in the near future.

Joeri and Christina, thank you for taking your responsibility in breeding these great animals so seriously. You're the best!!!

Best Wishes to All,
Rich and Sharon Adamski

Redwood Krest Testimonials, rottweilers, rottweiler puppies, rottweiler adult dogs

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